Weight Loss

Weight loss can often feel like a real battle - and that’s because it actually is a battle. 

It’s a battle between the conscious mind that wants to make a change and drop that dress or suit size, and an opposing programme or belief in the unconscious mind. Our unconscious programmes are usually created in the earlier part of our lives, and are created with a positive intention for us - for example to provide comfort, reward or perhaps an opportunity for interaction. However as time goes on some of those programmes become less helpful, promoting habits and behaviours that we no longer want or need.

The unconscious mind has a far greater capacity and processing speed than the conscious mind so when the trigger for the unwanted eating habit occurs, the unconscious mind activates it’s programme and springs into action before the conscious mind gets a look in. Thus the conscious mind is on the back foot and has to go into battle to overcome the unconscious behaviour - what many of us would recognise as “willpower”.

To do this on a continuous basis can be extremely tiring, and explains why many people start off so well on their diet and then start to slip as the days and weeks go by. 

The principle of Hypnotherapy is that through hypnosis the client enters into an altered state in which it’s possible to quieten the conscious mind and give easier access to the unconscious mind. In doing so it’s possible for the client to identify the unhelpful and now redundant programme. The role of the therapist is to employ an appropriate technique to help the client first identify and then amend the programme, based on what they want, so that the unconscious mind makes the more appropriate decisions going forward.

Hypnotherapy can get to the root cause of the problem, creating new unconscious behaviours and removing the need for the ongoing battle. Whilst every person is different, typically change can be achieved with just a few sessions, and the new behaviours are so much easier to sustain. 

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*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.