Effective Hynotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be effective in addressing the following issues, by tackling the root cause of the issue;

Generalised anxiety - Read More Here
Anxiety or panic attacks

Phobias - flying, needles, spiders and more
Stress management
Headaches and migraine
Smoking cessation Read More Here
Weight loss and management - Read More Here
Gastric band hypnotherapy
Pain management
Confidence and self esteem issues
Fear of public speaking
Exam and driving test nerves
Sleep disorders and insomnia
Anger management
Irritable bowel syndrome
Sports and physical performance enhancement
Unwanted habits e.g nail biting

Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis that takes you, the client,  into a completely different state of mind. This is a perfectly natural state; similar to being completely absorbed in a book, film or piece of music, and is often associated with deep relaxation. It’s also a state in which you retain full control at all times. In this focused state, clients are able to access the natural resources that are already deep within themselves, helping them make changes or regain control in certain areas of their life. In this state unhelpful thought patterns that have driven unwanted behaviour or habits can be altered.